Small Windows

Today, more and more homes have small sized rooms in them for which it is necessary to use small windows. The more eco-friendly a space is, the smaller it can be and so, it will also make fewer demands on the planet and on our environment. Compared to older homes, the modern ones are being built on less space and so there is greater need to use small windows in such modern homes.

Small Windows

Small windows –new challenges

Small sized rooms offer new challenges to a designer but if the design is perfect it can make the room look most attractive and yet, the room will still remain highly functional. Small windows in such rooms play a very important role in the overall design and they must also be placed in the correct location to ensure that the room looks attractive.

Create an illusion of openness

The right kind of small windows can create an illusion of openness in small sized spaces and this can be achieved by placing the window in a proper location. Small windows can be used to create an illusion that the room is open and in addition the small window also provides airiness without needing to sacrifice the elemental concerns of a room.

When small windows are used along with French doors and even sliding doors, even a small room can look quite big. The important issue is that it is what lies outside the window that is going to attract the eye and not the size of your room.

Quite affordable

The nice thing about using small windows is that these are also quite affordable. There are many things that can be done to make a small room look larger. For example, you can fake additional space by installing something like a fixed glass arch or an eyebrow picture window above your existing door and window. Also, if the ceiling is very high you can install additional numbers of small windows.

If you want these windows to look beautiful you will want to use something like an arched or rounded or even sunburst style or eyebrow style window. This kind of window will prove to be very attractive but at the same time they will look rather single styled. You can however get around that by opting for small windows which are square in shape or even rectangular. Installing such windows will be very easy and they will also be more affordable and they will also help to create a more modern look to the room.

It is easy to purchase small windows from an online store as well as from an offline store. If you choose to buy them offline then you will most probably have to visit a local store that sells such windows. For this, you may need to check the yellow pages and ask friends as well as neighbours to recommend a suitable store.

If you choose to purchase small windows online then you will find endless number of options to choose from. Best of all, buying online also means that you can purchase the required windows at a more affordable price.